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Wuhan engineering
Vivo phase I project
Shandong yantai air conditioning depot
Nanning pharmaceutical cold storage
Jiangnan biotechnology phase I project
Guangxi guiping cold storage project
Ordos phase I project
Erdos cold storage project
Dafeng cold storage project
Underground cold storage of kaizhou hotel, changzhou
Beihai fruit and vegetable library
Beijing cold storage project
Nantong sanshengxin biotechnology cold storage project
Shaanxi white water apple library
Yangzhou lake west island project
Golden altar after the milu
Anhui vertex project
Anhui poultry industry cold storage project
Yixing fruit bank
Nanjing gaochun gucheng lake frozen storage project
Shanghai DHL logistics warehouse cold storage project
Hubei xiangyang large slaughterhouse cold storage project
Dalian hengtai food co. LTD. Cold storage project
Jiangyin jicameron agricultural products distribution center
Hebei tangshan qingfeng baozi store cold storage project
Metro supermarket changsha store cold storage project
Wuhan Zhou Black Duck project
Zhenjiang yafu online
Metro supermarket deyang store cold storage project
Metro supermarket in xi 'an store cold storage project
Metro supermarket kunming store cold storage projec