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After-sales service

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After-sales service

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1. The warranty period our company promises to users is one year!
2. Our company adheres to the principle of serving users wholeheartedly. The quality of products is in my hands, quality awareness in my heart quality policy, during the maintenance and maintenance of various responsibilities, while trying to reduce customer maintenance costs. If the equipment fails for some reason after the warranty period, our company is also responsible for the maintenance of the user.
3. At any time, our company provides customers with free consultation of professional technology and equipment of cold storage.
4. The after-sales service staff of the company shall visit the customers irregularly and provide "greeting service" to guarantee the smoothness of the service system.
5. When the customer reports for repair, the after-sales service staff of our company will arrive at the site (urban area) for accident identification at the first time after asking the specific situation, and put forward solutions to ensure the normal operation of the refrigeration system.